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Can I develop lumps and bumps after Liposuction?

1)can i develop lumps and bumps to skin from fat cells that are missed/left behind in-between areas that are liposuctioned should i pick up any weight? Ie:- rippling READ MORE

Could Liposuction leave me looking strange and deformed as my body changes and ages?

As one ages their body changes- could liposuction leave me looking strange and deformed as my body changes and ages long after the treatment as the fat doesn't return to lipo'd... READ MORE

Do I leave compression garment on during lymph drainage massage?

I'm worried about getting loose skin on inner thighs early post op. Do I leave compression garment on during Lymph Drainage Massage??? READ MORE

Which is more effective after thigh lipo: manual lymph drainage massage or Endermologie machine driven lymph drainage massage?

Which is more effective? Manual lymph drainage massage or enermollogie machine driven lymph drainage massage after thigh Lipo READ MORE

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Gahvami's work looks very good. Check his pics out! READ COMMENT

Good luck. Hope your outcome is all you hope it can be. Xxx READ COMMENT

After my rhynoplasty I was left with a similar nose especially uneven nostrils. I would like to know if you could notice asymmetric nostrils before your 1st rhinoplasty? Do you think it's possible that another op could fix my problem? READ COMMENT

Your nose looks good. Leave it alone! I know exactly how you feel. I was left with uneven nostrils and a septum that now pulls to the right. Your nose is fine! Don't let anyone do anything- it may turn out worse! READ COMMENT