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Hi sweety , I understand completly , as I wouldn't want to be that far away from home either, I didn't realize or know if it was the sugeons were far apart ! well best wishes on your journey and take care !! :) god bless you READ COMMENT

Her name on realself is POSHMOMMYOFTWO she's fabulous check her out i promise ya !!! take care sweety god bless :) READ COMMENT

Hey there you should check out poshmommy on real self , she had a mommy makeover in Miami Florida , only cost $8,500.00 and her results are shockingly BEAUTIFULL , check her out !!! her Surgeon in Dr.Friedman Miami Florida , look... READ COMMENT

Hey there KK5145 :) GREAT TO HEAR from ya , I see your afters woww coming along wonderful , just remember take it very easy , eat healthy , pleanty of water, and like healthy shakes ,give your body time to heal , you'll know when you... READ COMMENT

Hey there Mommy_Of_Twoo :) happy to hear from ya :) you're very welcomed uhm on the ace bandage from what I seen , You start wrapping it at your arm pit to a little bit under your collar bone then continue wrapping uder the other arm... READ COMMENT