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Questions from kittarwen

I still look very banged up 8 days after a lower face and neck lift. What can I do? (Photo)

I do see a difference each day, compression garment n/day.Pictures to ps yesterday, was not concerned, just said to keep doing what doing. My bruising is very bad all over and... READ MORE

How long is applying cold compresses effective? I still have swelling on my face and jaw line 9 days after surgery.

I am 9 days post op from a lower facelift and neck lift. 50 yrs old. I have swelling still on face and jawline and on right side along jawline I can feel a ridge. Will the... READ MORE

What is causing this redness around front of ear? (photos)

Post op day 10. This looked worse on Post op an improvement. Using compression garment as ps instructed. No ice anymore, never used warm compression. I am really banged... READ MORE

25 days post op Facelift, I have been using Johnson's Baby Shampoo and it's causing itchiness on my scalp. Any suggestions?

I am 25 days post op lower facelift and necklift. I have been using Johnson's Baby Shampoo as my ps suggested, but the last two days it is driving me crazy! itching my scalp,... READ MORE

How long will it take for the scabbing behind my ears to go? I'm 28 days post op lower face lift/neck lift.

28 days po lower face/neck lift healing slow lots of bruising and swelling. Seeing ps reg. Presurg, wash hair every 3rd day, do not have oily hair . Stopped using the Johnson's... READ MORE

Why is it taking so long to heal after facelift? (Photo)

30 days post op today. Slow healing, not a smoker! Did everything right then some. Ps not worried, but is there anything I can do to speed up the healing of left ear front?... READ MORE

Treatment after scab falls off. What should I do to avoid scarring? (Photo)

Scab fell off on own in shower. Should I be applying Vit e yet, or Aquaphor, Neosporin, scar cream or nothing? It is red and look irritated, but not really bothersome. Day 36... READ MORE

Discussions started by kittarwen

How long are stitches noticeable before they dissolve?

I am on day 15 now...whew..long way to go but looking better. I had a lower face and neck lift. Lots of bruising and swelling. Swelling is minimal now but bruising is taking... READ MORE

Day 30 still struggling

Yes, 30 days post op lower smas facelift and necklift. Scabbing very bad (but I leave them alone!) behind right ear and top front of left ear. Front of left ear still pinkish... READ MORE

Scabbing care

Post op 34 has been a long road in "recovery". I still have residual swelling, bruising, discoloration and scabbing in front of and behind ears.  Saw PS yesterday... READ MORE

Helpful gadgets in Facelift healing?

My PS suggested Dermawand to help with the lumpiness and discoloration in my cheek area....said he had a patient that had remarkable results with it. I am struggling with... READ MORE

What did you use to fade redness of healing/healed incisions?

I am day 53 Post op, and am almost healed at front of ears still a little red, but all looks pretty good with makeup. What do most people use to moisturize the... READ MORE