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Botox in Forehead. Too Much or Wrong for Me (Six Days Post) Glendale, CA

After having about 14 units of Botox in my frown lines a month prior (the 11 lines) and with the result looking very natural (I could still frown, move, etc. it just looked softer and less wrinkly -- perfect), I decided to do my upper forehead. Doctor used only about 8-10 units (not sure but not... READ MORE

Questions from Tesssa

48 hours ago I had 8-12 units of Botox in upper forehead. Is that a conservative amount for upper forehead?

48 hours ago I had 8-12 (not sure) units of Botox in upper forehead. Had about 15 units in 11 line & lower forehead a month prior. Looked great. Lots of movement still. Thought... READ MORE

Follow up: 48 hours ago I had 8-12 units of Botox in upper forehead. Is that a conservative amount for upper forehead?

I asked a question about eyelid hooding and eyebrow dropping a few days ago. It's been 5 full days post and the slightly bad results are worse:( I am worried by 2 weeks they... READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question: 10 units of Botox in frontalis, would a touch up help even if my forehead is over-treated?

Had 10 units Botox 8 days ago in my frontalis. In mid May I had 14 units of Botox in my glabella & lower brow . Looked great. The glabella treatment has made my eyes hooded &... READ MORE

I had 10 units in my forehead 12 days ago. My inner lid is swelling. It looks like I have an eye allergy. When will this end?

Had 10 units Botox 12 days ago in my frontalis. May 15, had 14 units in glabella. Looked great. But the frontalis shots have made my eyes hooded & brow drop. Though I can make... READ MORE

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Jq3827: I agree with you. The deals. One of the docs I went to said he wouldn't do below a certain amount of units. No matter what. Um... well bye, bye, then. Your consistent method is smart. And stick to one area that works for you. I... READ COMMENT

Neanderthal: No problem! I was hoping people didn't think I was being totally obsessive. But I figured, those in the same boat, many are doing the same thing every damn day -- mirror! What is it gonna look like?! And you're keeping it... READ COMMENT

It sounds like JQ did what I did -- except she did the right thing the second time! I also had the droop, once, and then I thought... maybe if he uses a little it won't do it again. WRONG! But since he did use a tiny bit, the drooping... READ COMMENT

Becky: Ha! It's actually good you don't know that because it means you're not a Botox fanatic that knows all this lingo. Anyway, the 11 line is the line between your eyes, right above your nose, the straight lines one makes when they... READ COMMENT

Catgirl: You've done your research and you're being really smart about it. Good for you. Again, I had no issue when I did my 11 line -- I liked it! I just got greedy and went, "Hmmm... how about the forehead?" And I did that twice!... READ COMMENT