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It Worked! - Melbourne, Australia

$350 PER TREATMENT - need up to FOUR treatments over 2 months. I have PCOS induced acne and rosacea. It'll never 'go away' but I can manage it. I tried everything else and this worked. I had three PDT treatments. Each time I was incubated with the acid for 2 - 3 hours. Then... READ MORE

Azalaic Acid

Azalaic acid makes a huge difference to my rosacea. I missed using it for a week and I couldn't work out why I was back to being red and blotchy. Go back to my azalaic acid and the red is gone. Try any 15% azalaic acid wash or cream from the pharmacy and see what happens.It's come... READ MORE

Questions from priestess355

How to Make Fraxel Laser Treatment As Safe As Possible?

I'm terrified of something going wrong with Fraxel Laser. I've never scarred badly, from anything, but I have bad BAD hyper and hypo pigmentation from acne on my back during my... READ MORE

Breast Lift Option for Longest-lasting Results with Maximum Support?

Thanks for you time. In your opinion, which is the best surgical breast lift option for longest lasting results, with maximum support? I essentially want an internal bra, and I... READ MORE

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I have friends who did this procedure. It takes months to fully recover! But then they look amazing. Please fill us in 6 months post. All the best. READ COMMENT

Your smile is amazing... I think you are maybe overly focusing on it. Your dentist should be able to file a little bit off that front tooth and they'll then be totally straight. But look even at some of the most beautiful celebrities.... READ COMMENT

? ... Be constructive or go away. this is a humorous and detailed examination of a pretty big surgery. Some people are excitable and chatty and want to share what they did to THEIR bodies... On a cosmetic surgery website created for... READ COMMENT

I have had this treatment 10 - 12 times (I have lost count, but its 3 - 4 times over the last 3 years). It is AWFUL, but the results are AMAZING. So.... take what you will from that. I use mine for rosacea and acne. Nothing, NOTHING,... READ COMMENT

Its a little ironic that the icepack helps... READ COMMENT