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Reviews by brunettepink

Cheek implants - regret this procedure, ruined tight youthful face, caused deep under eye bags and mid face sagging

I was so excited before the cheek implant surgery. I had seen other girls' reviews. They all looked better in their after photos. I thought I would too. I got medium terino malar shells under local with no sedation. At first, for about 1 month post op, I looked great. I was still swollen... READ MORE

Questions from brunettepink

How simple/complicated is cheek implant removal? Should I choose a doctor based on availability or experience? (photo)

I am getting my cheek implants removed ASAP. I have two options: Go with a very experienced surgeon who isn't available for another 2 months OR Go with a less experienced... READ MORE

I had my cheek implants removed. Will the changes the implants made to my face reverse themselves or are they permanent? (photo)

I had terino malar shell implants size medium placed. My nose became more down turned, lips looked like I was frowning, nose was widened, and under eye bags were more hollow. I... READ MORE

How long must I wait after cheek implant removal to get a lower bleph? I'm 18 years old. Is that too young? (Photo)

I had med terino malar shell cheek implants removed after being in for 3 months. Placed May 14 removed Aug 14. Was left with devastating under eye bags. How soon after removal... READ MORE

Is it possible to slightly shorten the nose tip without elevating my nostrils at all? (photos)

Im in the market for a lip lift. However I know that doing so will make my nose tip appear longer than it already is. I would like it to be shortened just a bit - without... READ MORE

Could I have my columella shortened without changing tip angle? Thoughts? Open/closed? (Photo)

I honestly have no idea how a rhinoplasty is performed. (Obviously because I didn't go to medical school.) All I know is that when I place my finger right beneath my columella... READ MORE

Sagging after cheek implant removal age 18. What are options? Will all doctors would refuse a cheek lift/mid FL? (Photo)

Hi doctors. Before cheek implants, I had lost weight & was lacking volume to cheeks. Regrettably didn't get filler bc of necrosis risk. Randomly got a check in the mail from a... READ MORE

Many questions about Lip Lifts? Upper and corner? And should the muscle be touched or not? (photo)

I have naturally VERY thin lips, especially my upper lip. I had a Permalip 5mm implant placed in my upper lip. The ratio of my upper lip to my lower is still not where I'd like... READ MORE

Two options to get pouty lips. Lip lifts or removal of silicone implant to get silicone lip injections? Which should I do?

I want big pouty lips. I currently have a 5mm permalip implant in my upper lip. My lip still looks so thin. I was thinking about removing the implant, waiting for it to heal,... READ MORE

Should I get 3-4 syringes of Juvederm to my upper lip or Silikon 100? I'm one of the few women who wants duck lips (photo)

I want it large enough that it's a prominent feature on my face. I want people's eyes to go straight to my upper lip. My original ratio of upper to lower lip was very small. I... READ MORE

How long does a cheek lift last?

I had medium 4 mm cheek implants placed and removed after 3 months. I am 6 weeks after removal and the mid face / tissue is still severely sagging. I am hoping to get a... READ MORE

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Hi there... I appreciate your concern. I will definitely explore the option of filler for the lower lids... However I don't see how it could correct the sag?? After removal or the implants my cheeks are sagging off their original... READ COMMENT

Hi jeiamj, I've definitely seen beautiful transformations in Seoul , Korea. The doctors there are amazing I completely agree. I will not be getting any more surgery for awhile besides correcting the cheek implant damage. I've learned... READ COMMENT

Hi everyone! No he is an excellent surgeon! He has many, many before and afters of cheek lifts and I looked at every single photo and have no concerns. After the lift will I look exactly how I did before cheek implants? No, but at least... READ COMMENT

Thank you for your comment Brought a smile to my face during a stressful time :). - Brunettepink READ COMMENT