Breast Aug. surgeon consideration

Breast Aug. surgeon consideration

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Veneers: Do They Look Fake or Not?

I had a gum reduction op, bleeching and then veneers on the front 4 teeth. My teeth were really short and uneven.Although the results are not 100% perfect compared to how I was before there is a lot of improvement. Unfortunately when I did the procedure I did not consult other Dentists, I stick... READ MORE

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Breast Implant Shape and Placement Advice?

If a surgeon prefers teardrop breast implants over the muscle, will it be difficult for him to place round implants under the muscle? Since under the muscle is not his... READ MORE

Round Profile Breast Implants for Patient with Prominent Chest?

I am a 75A wishing for a 75C. I also have a very prominent chest wall – bony and the 2nd bones after the ones sloping outwards. I have been to 3 surgeons the options are... READ MORE

Cohesive Round or Cohesive Teardrop Breast Implants?

I am aiming to obtain full nice round breasts with fullness in the upper poles but not that extreme that they will look not natural. I also would like tough some fullness at... READ MORE

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Veneers - do my teeth look fake?

Pls what do you think? do they look fake, i am so unsure. i uploaded an extreme case of how i was beofre (the worst pic i could find) and also the a picture of after where they... READ MORE

Breast assymetry still after augmentation

Hi, I started with my right breast smaller and tubular. Since my chest was more prominent on my right side, my surgeon suggested to take same implants 300cc. Now, 11 day after... READ MORE

Will by right breast drop or will I need a revision?

Hi, I am only in the 3rd week after Breast augmentation but in my eyes I have a 2 completely different breasts!! my right was smaller and tubular and i had 300cc in each. now i... READ MORE