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I meant to say bad doctors! Anyway, you look fine and if you see improvement with this chin lipo, that's good, but if you keep chasing a different face, you may end up worse off. Many plastic surgeons spend so much te doing revisions of... READ COMMENT

Alan, I think you look good now. I would advise no more surgery. None of us are perfect but there are too many bed doctors out there and too many risks. You look fine. READ COMMENT

I see what you mean - I think it's the 5th photo where you see the bags or hollows under Audrey's eyes (not just due to age, also she's looking down & the light is not as bright in the other photos - when a photo is lit right the... READ COMMENT

I am interested also. Am also curious as to the legal situation - were you able to sue? Not sure of the differences in law btwn the US & UK but I would love to sue my surgeon READ COMMENT

Did you only do bucchal fat removal, nothing for the lower jaw area? You look great. READ COMMENT