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I waited a lifetime and then the moment arrived ... Birmingham, UK

I have thought about this for decades (I am 60) but I can't deny that I am nervous. I have had other 'consultations' over the years but this time I am almost there ... I have a date and I am counting down. My fear of bleeding to death (!) doesn't seem likely ... I have watched several videos ... READ MORE

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I look forward to hearing 'how it went' and seeing your post op pics ... 21 days will quickly turn into 1 day and you will be ready to go and then on the other side! READ COMMENT

Sally, I can't pretend that it was not initially a shock to look down once the compression bandages were taken off. With hindsight I am not sure what I expected however, over the past weeks, I have got used to the new shape and I am... READ COMMENT

Sally, after my breast reduction, my PS told me that I have symmastia ... I had never heard of it before and had to look it up on Google. I don't know if there are varying degrees of the condition but I did find it very weird, scars... READ COMMENT

I think I have been massaging too often or too vigorously to explain the return of the stabbing pains inside my breast and that heavy feeling when I sit up too quickly ... I think I have aggravated the internal stitching in my... READ COMMENT

Were your scars red and raised and itchy? I am years (I thought) past the menopause ... not sure why the hot flushes would suddenly return with a vengeance this week after all this time. READ COMMENT