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I'm jus tired of wearing this bandage I have to sleep with a surgical bra they gave me to hold it in place and it's irritating he was telling me not to b around smoke cus it will slow the healing process READ COMMENT

Under my breast it's open flesh to u can see the white meat I'm like what the hell READ COMMENT

He told me that the reason it's like that is because he had to take out more tissue READ COMMENT

I probably still have my nipple but I can't tell cus it a piece of sore that's in the way he told me I'm not goin to loose my nipple so I'm goin by his word ya its the areola that look bad it's like a big hole on one side and it's so... READ COMMENT

So now it look real bad he jus keep telling me that he want the scalp to fall off I'm like hell shit jus take it off and fix it READ COMMENT