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30 Yr. (And Holding):) Old 1 Son Breastfed for 13 Months - Springfield, MO

I went to my consultation back in March and was told I would need to wait 6 mths post breastfeeding before BA ! I decided on mentor smooth round saline, my ps didint discuss mush about them ! I just said I didn't want silicone!!! Now I'm scared saline will rupture, ripple, and feel unnatural !... READ MORE

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5'1, 110-115 lb woman, 34A ( if that), fairly small frame. What size breast implants would be necessary to achieve a full C cup?

 I breastfeed for 1 yr and grew to a full B cup, now I've stopped breastfeeding and am smaller than ever :( . I have already went for a consult ,I know I'm getting surgery... READ MORE

I'm getting a BA sometime in Oct. Had to wait 6 months post breastfeeding! I've been to my consultation and want saline.

I am 5'1, 110-115 lbs. I have wide shoulders and chest! I am currently an "a" cup ( if that), I'd like to be a large c possible small post BA! I've read you shouldent go by cup... READ MORE

BA scheduled in Oct. I want saline Mentor smooth round but I am getting nervous because of things I have read!

I have read saline Ripples only last 10 years and do not feel natural! I am to get mentor smooth round saline implants in Oct! I am afraid of all the above and with the expense... READ MORE

I had BA Mon nov 10, and can't tell a difference, even with swelling. Will it improve?

I had my ba mon nov 10 350 left 380 right under muscle silicone! I'm very small just wondering if they will look bigger right bow I cannot hardly tell a difference even with... READ MORE

I had my BA five days ago (Mon Nov 10)! I'm more swollen under my arms and on the left side more than the right.

I am 5'1 and 110lbs, very small boned but have a wide chest! I was an 34 a to begin! My ps and discussed size and I told him I wanted to be a c at least! I've got silicone... READ MORE

I'm 5'1, 108 lbs, and small frame with wider chest. I had silicone implant under muscle. I have little results. Any suggestions?

I had a BA 350 left 380 right silicone under muscle mod profile! Could tell I wasent much bigger ! Today was my post op my ps said I still had some swelling and a little more... READ MORE

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I will definately check out your story, it always helps to hear others who have been through similar! I'm small also but I do have a wide chest maybe they seem small because their spread out?? Who knows i just want to feel good about... READ COMMENT

Sorry about your complications what were they?? Are you pleased now?? What size did you have at start? First ba, second ba?? Not nosy just cutious I've heard the bigger you go the more risk are for problems!! However, I have a wide... READ COMMENT

I've read several reviews ect. Ol, and I prey maybe my ps will have pity on me lol or so to speak! I never tried on sizers or anything I did ask about it but nothing was mentioned further! Before surgery I did call and tell my ps I... READ COMMENT

Well I did have good holiday, I'm at my moms visiting gives her time to visit with my son too so that's awesome ! As for the rest I've seemed to heal with no pain but don't look 'bigger' I wear bigger bras but no one can has even... READ COMMENT

I just recently looked at my post I didn't even put the cup Im wearing 34c measured 36c at vs! READ COMMENT