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30 Yr. (And Holding):) Old 1 Son Breastfed for 13 Months - Springfield, MO

I went to my consultation back in March and was told I would need to wait 6 mths post breastfeeding before BA ! I decided on mentor smooth round saline, my ps didint discuss mush about them ! I just said I didn't want silicone!!! Now I'm scared saline will rupture, ripple, and feel unnatural !... READ MORE

Questions from heavenlydawn

5'1, 110-115 lb woman, 34A ( if that), fairly small frame. What size breast implants would be necessary to achieve a full C cup?

 I breastfeed for 1 yr and grew to a full B cup, now I've stopped breastfeeding and am smaller than ever :( . I have already went for a consult ,I know I'm getting surgery... READ MORE

I'm getting a BA sometime in Oct. Had to wait 6 months post breastfeeding! I've been to my consultation and want saline.

I am 5'1, 110-115 lbs. I have wide shoulders and chest! I am currently an "a" cup ( if that), I'd like to be a large c possible small post BA! I've read you shouldent go by cup... READ MORE

BA scheduled in Oct. I want saline Mentor smooth round but I am getting nervous because of things I have read!

I have read saline Ripples only last 10 years and do not feel natural! I am to get mentor smooth round saline implants in Oct! I am afraid of all the above and with the expense... READ MORE

I had BA Mon nov 10, and can't tell a difference, even with swelling. Will it improve?

I had my ba mon nov 10 350 left 380 right under muscle silicone! I'm very small just wondering if they will look bigger right bow I cannot hardly tell a difference even with... READ MORE

I had my BA five days ago (Mon Nov 10)! I'm more swollen under my arms and on the left side more than the right.

I am 5'1 and 110lbs, very small boned but have a wide chest! I was an 34 a to begin! My ps and discussed size and I told him I wanted to be a c at least! I've got silicone... READ MORE

I'm 5'1, 108 lbs, and small frame with wider chest. I had silicone implant under muscle. I have little results. Any suggestions?

I had a BA 350 left 380 right silicone under muscle mod profile! Could tell I wasent much bigger ! Today was my post op my ps said I still had some swelling and a little more... READ MORE