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Botox Gave Me Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles - Greys Essex, UK

Hi Everyone I have been reading the horrific stories of bad side effects from Botox especially with puffy eyes and dark circles that I have experienced so here Is my account. I am 40 years old and wanted to look younger by getting Botox for my frown lines and forehead. I have had Botox done... READ MORE

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It be nice to see a before and after picture. Im sorry about your ordeal. My self its been 7 months and Im still not back to the way I was. Im about 80% normal. Ive reading stories that it could take a year or more to be 95% to 100%... READ COMMENT

I still have the crease where the botox spread down the side of my nose. It gives the appearance of tired looking eyes. If this plumps up so you cant see the crease then I will be happy. There is a therapy called Carboxytherapy that ... READ COMMENT

Hi Jeanettemcl, I had a look at the procedure with good results and I am tempted. However its been 6 months and reading some comments I have to give it at least a year and see if there have been any improvements. I don't want to rush... READ COMMENT

Thanks for your reply. I have the same symptom's as you. I was injected in the forehead and glabella area only. The next day I had under eye wrinkles dry eyes and puffiness. The injector must of given me too much dilute that it trickled... READ COMMENT

Sorry to hear that im still 70%. I believe will take about a year or more before I be back to normal. I've been reading up and people say it could take up to 2 years. Botox is still present in the body and I will wait 2 years before I... READ COMMENT