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What should I be looking for as a final result after my Septorhinoplasty? (photos)

I am due for a septo rhinoplasty and am sure about osteotomy to thin down the bridge. The nostrils also are uneven including shape and their distance from the lips, Do you... READ MORE

Do I suffer from Masseter Hypertrophy? Can Botox relax my jaw muscles? (photos)

Left side of my face is a little sunken in as compared to the right. I have been recently told that it is masseter hypertrophy and been recommended botox injections on my right... READ MORE

Lip Lift; no upper teeth show. (photos)

I was considering a bull horn lip lift as there is no upper teeth show while resting or talking. Is it true that Asians scar more than Caucasians and therefore I might not be a... READ MORE

If I plan to get facial fillers but am losing weight should I postpone it till I have reached my desired weight/ size?

Fillers for face and chin and cheek implants. I have been advised Voluma for cheeks & chin, Juvederm ultra plus for naso labial folds and lips. Would it be a good strategy... READ MORE