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I sent the hospital photos and they said they can't fix it. I don't post before and after photos because I don't want photos of me on the internet READ COMMENT

Worst mistake I ever made. I used to be pretty and sexy but those days are long gone since Dr. Pitch cut my eyes crooked. I look like I have a lazy eye. My stomach is blatantly uneven and rippled and my thighs are so embarrassing. ... READ COMMENT

I'm glad your nose job worked out for you. Dr. Pitch is actually a nice guy and I like his personality. But when you're sedated he just goes about his business without any thought to the results. Truth be told, when I was supposed to... READ COMMENT

Don't go to Yanhee. They're not professional. You should take care to go to the best doctor because your face is important. You don't want to make a mistake like I did. READ COMMENT

Well I'm not dodgy. Thank anyway. I was just typing in a hurry and have long manicure at this time. I saw him one day for my stomach and thighs then the next day for my nose and eyes. That is why I went back. My stomach is a mess... READ COMMENT