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Do you have an update? I also have ice pick scars but I don't fully trust their doctors READ COMMENT

I got my abdomen done and it was $1,500 so I'm not sure where you looked. Nose and eye job was cheap too. but definitely not worth it because now I'm ugly and out of money. READ COMMENT

Thank you! I'm not brave, I'm stupid. I should have gone to someone more professional. I don't fully trust all those certifications the drs say they have. I would never recommend having work done especially on your face at Yanhee. ... READ COMMENT

I sent the hospital photos and they said they can't fix it. I don't post before and after photos because I don't want photos of me on the internet READ COMMENT

Worst mistake I ever made. I used to be pretty and sexy but those days are long gone since Dr. Pitch cut my eyes crooked. I look like I have a lazy eye. My stomach is blatantly uneven and rippled and my thighs are so embarrassing. ... READ COMMENT