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Hi, i like your nose so much! It looks really good and suits you and you are pretty anyways. I was wondering if the doc had to break bones during surgery. Are you finding any difficulties in breathing? Do you recommend the doc? READ COMMENT

I'm planning to have my surgery in september but i'm scared of my kids reaction when they see me with bruises coz in my case the doctor needs to break some bones. You're lucky i didnt have bruises. When did u go back to your normal... READ COMMENT

Thank you for the info! Did you have a choice on whether to go for general or local anesthesia? As i can see from the pics there is not much bruising jut swelling right? READ COMMENT

Congrats! Hope you're satisfied with the results. Could you please give me more details about the clinic (service, cleanliness etc.) Did you have local or general anasthesia and did you have to stay for one night there? Im asking... READ COMMENT

Hi, did you choose the doctor already? READ COMMENT