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Christine, Sorry for the long delay in response. My computer at work for some reason would not let me do a reply to you.I am now past the 1 month stage. How do you feel about your repair treatment now and how is your improvement. ? I... READ COMMENT

AliGrace, I have been reading your posts. I had the fraxel repair on April 24th, 2008. I am clearly at my my one month mark.I posted earlier on this site, but was really not getting enough info from the docs. I am 35, have really bad... READ COMMENT

Do you have any photos yet and if so where can you go to veiw them ? READ COMMENT

Thanks, Dr. P for your response, most if not all of my swelling is gone. But get you answer this question, I have really thick skin my doctor has not mentioned anything about a second re:pair, since the re:pair, I have noticed that the... READ COMMENT

Dr. P, Thank your for your quick response. I had a visit yesterday 05/05/08 with my doctor. I quess since this is such a new laser Fraxel re:pair, is it a trial and error process ? I still wish you would have answered my questions in... READ COMMENT