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Taking the Plunge with Invisible Orthodontia - Tucson, AZ

So...I'm a procrastinator/perfectionist. It's bad. This is why after a couple months of treatment I finally decided to make an account and share my experiences with a bunch of strangers on the internet. I've wanted for years to have straight teeth, but my parents could not afford braces and... READ MORE

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Whoa okay so it's not only me! I've become soooo obsessed with teeth lately and looking at them and seeing shapes and bites and whiteness and it's driving me crazy! I want my teeth to look like their's and it's taking foreverrrr! I... READ COMMENT

This one wasn't even as bad as tray 8... Those hurt the moment I put them on! And the straighter my teeth get it seems like the faster it takes to adjust. So that's nice! READ COMMENT

Hey, I have 42 trays as well! I wish I could get acceledent but my orthodontist doesn't offer it. Good luck and I can't wait to see how your treatment progresses! READ COMMENT

I'm just happy I invested in my Waterpik. The thing's a lifesaver. I love it. It's the best to use when I have gunk stuck in my molars. And I do like flossing more now that I know how unhealthy my mouth was when I didn't. (I rarely... READ COMMENT

See I had people tell me that I couldn't get invisalign too. For two reasons, because it's cosmetic and because my teeth were too effed up. But my ortho said right away that I was a candidate and that was that. So your aunt should... READ COMMENT