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49 y.o. MO of 4 Grown Kids, Finally Ready for TT! Frisco, TX

Had consultation and dr. says I am a perfect candidate (i.e. loose skin below BB, minimal muscle separation, some fat to be removed by lipo prior to removing skin).Has anybody had a lipoabdominoplasty? Before/after photos are impressive but wondering about recovery times compared to standard TT... READ MORE

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Try taking a stool softener (one WITHOUT a laxative in it!) with every dose of pain medication. Works great :-) READ COMMENT

When it was still healing- to keep it clean. Still use it now because I'm paranoid about it getting dirty! Not using twice a day anymore READ COMMENT

One week off work? I had a very easy recovery but did not go back for two weeks- and was still a bit hunched over. Definitely could not have carried a toddler around after 2 weeks- the back pain from walking hunched over is bad enough... READ COMMENT

So I'm looking at the marble setting on top of your BB. I had a pearl (smaller)-push it down inside your BB as much as you can. I missed the part about putting a big dollop of Aquaphor inside it before the pearl- so I didn't start that... READ COMMENT

Feeling hot and sick sounds more like you are sick, than your meds! If you have any fever be sure to call your doctor today because that is not normal. I have had really weird reactions to meds (severe nausea, mental confusion, etc.)... READ COMMENT