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10 Years in the 44 It is Time...but SO SCARED!!! - Orange, CA

Hello everyone. As I sit here in bed thinking about the only thing I can think of...SEPT 4 and where my scar will be and will my new boobs look too big or make me look fat, or will I die on the OR for being so vain....or will I hate and regret what I did...okay, I am sure I can go on and on... READ MORE

Questions from Mclc17

What are the risks of having a mommy makeover surgery?

I am afraid of being under anesthesia for too long and any risk associated with the possibility of death. Please educate me! READ MORE

Do previous surgeries have any negative impact in having a Mommy Makeover?

I am 44 years of age in what I think is great health (5.3 tall and 120 lbs). Considering a BA and a TT. I have had a hysterectomy and my tonsils removed within the last 4 years. READ MORE

What size implants is recommended for 5'3 and 118 lbs? I'm trying to achieve a natural look.

I am 44 years of age also getting a tummy tuck. Please look at my profile picture to get an idea of my body shape. Thank you! READ MORE

What determines the location of the scar in tummy tuck?

My goal is to remove the loose skin and still be able to wear small bikinis. READ MORE

What are the alternatives to a full tummy tuck?

Please look at my picture. If I bend forward there is very loose skin I would like gone! READ MORE

Do I need a tummy tuck?

Wondering if I have enough loose skin for this type of invasive procedure. Will I achieve an overall slimmer waist? READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of the different incision placement in breast augmentation surgery?

Going through the nipple or under the breast? what are the pros and cons of the different incision placement in breast augmentation surgery? READ MORE

What determines the shape of the breast after a Breast Augmentation?

How come my new BA boobs are pointy and the nipple looks lower than my original shape.....I was truly hoping for rounder breasts and the nipple in the center. I got 304cc style... READ MORE

Does the incision in a Breast Augmentation have any impact in implant position and final shape of breasts?

It seems that if the incision is made on the top of the aureola, the implant would be position lowered in the breast pocket and yield for more natural and rounder results... READ MORE

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Sorry for the typos....and I write for a! READ COMMENT

I totally understand the love/hate relationship you have with your boobs...I am right there with you. What bra did you use every day immediately after your surgery. My doctor is telling me to go braless and to wear a bandeau (stretchy... READ COMMENT

Just realized that you said you did the crescent lift....I was told if need be my ps would do this....I had even paid for it and he did not do it...not much of a difference but still...things are looking better but my nipple is still... READ COMMENT