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Large Nostrils After Rhino/septoplasty - Lima,Peru

I had a deviated septum and a small bump on the side of my nose that I wanted to get rid of. It was as if the cartilage was somewhat detached and I had more of a round nose at the tip but it was very long and pointy. I told the surgeon that I wanted to simply fix the deviated septum and then... READ MORE

Questions from Kristine_arevalo

How risky is a revision rhinoplasty and can I recover characteristics of my pre-surgical nose? (photos)

Had a rhinoplasty done in May to get rid of a bump on the lateral side of my nose. The surgeon took too much cartilage from the right side and it is not symmetrical to the left... READ MORE

Is it possible to lengthen and make the tip bulbulous? (photo)

The surgeon I went to was supposed to just remove a bump I had on the right side of my nose but he shortened my nose and made the pointy, which I dont like. Is it possible to... READ MORE

What should I do to get my nose to look similar to what it did prior to surgery? (photo)

I had a septo/rhinoplasty to fix my deviated septum and remove a bump, the surgeon however made changes to the tip without my consent. I went to Lima, Peru for the surgery and... READ MORE

Can a double break and supratip be achieved surgically simultaneously?

My nose was altered pretty drastically and I lost many characteristics that I liked and would like to recover. My nose tip was narrowed and shortened significantly. I had both... READ MORE

Is it possible to project (increase distance from the face) but legthen nose tip simultaneously?

My tip has been shortened and deprojected. The tip is also a little droopy. I would like to increase the tip length but I would also like to increase the projection. From what... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty to lift lateral cartilages to change a narrow nose to a rounder and sloped nose? (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 8 months ago to correct a deviated septum and remove a bump on the right side of the nose, however the surgeon changed the round tip of my nose and created... READ MORE

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So glad to hear! I am considering a revision with Dr. Davis myself. I would truly appreciate it if you keep us updated! Wish you good healing!! :) READ COMMENT

Hey I am so glad to hear that you had a good turnout! Could you post a picture ? READ COMMENT

Can you post a picture from the front? READ COMMENT

You are so pretty! I am considering having a revision. I had a primary that left me a nosr similar to yours before the revision and I am also considering dr. Davis. I have read some pretty bad reviews though and I worry about doing this... READ COMMENT

How long after the surgery are you in that last picture? READ COMMENT