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Time to Take Care of Myself - New Jersey

Hello my RS ladies!! I am so late writing my review as I stumbled on this site 3 months post-op after my extended tummy tuck with muscle repair, no lipo. Just turned 5 months post-op on Sept. 11 2014. Im getting a breast reduction next year, my boobs are too big too!!You ladies are such an... READ MORE

Questions from Kh216

Can applying ice packs to your abdomen 3 months after a tummy tuck help reduce the swelling?

I still have swelling 3 months after a full tummy tuck. Some swelling has gone away but I still have some. Also my abdomen fills hard. Is that swelling or fat? READ MORE

How long does redness in the tummy tuck incision last?

Thank you to the doctors who answered my last question all your advice was helpful. I took the advice of Dr. Ernest Layton M.D. on my last question and it did help my swelling... READ MORE

Will doing sit-ups and crunches loosen the surgery that sutured the muscle in my upper abdomen?

I am 3 months post op from a full extended tummy tuck and am exercising on a regular basis.I forgot what that muscle is called in my upper abdomen. I am not experiencing any... READ MORE

Does exercising help swelling go down in the abdomen?

At 3 months post op full tummy tuck, is exercising beneficial to help the remaining swelling go down or does no matter how much exercising you do swelling occurs when your body... READ MORE

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Hi Bikiniready, Isn't Dr. Glunk awesome! You look great! I enjoyed reading your journey.He did my tummy tuck on April 11, 2014 and I'm very happy. He was highly recommended to me also and someone I knew had a tummy tuck and she looked... READ COMMENT

Hi Candi16, Thank you! I know your surgery is down the road, but I would be interested in following your are smart to take your time and look around will be well worth it at the end! READ COMMENT

Ok great!!! Will do:) READ COMMENT

Hi usual your journals are hilarious but informative. Saturday Night Live needs to hire you as their writer!! Anyway....I definitely am going to get those silicone strips. Thanks for that info. I like the fact they can... READ COMMENT

Your transformation was indeed incredible. Your before and after pictures do not look like the same person! You look like a new person.Congrats on your journey, sometimes it can get hard when people judge, but you stood strong and kept... READ COMMENT