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Hi Burrito5, Nice to hear from you. Who did your surgery? Which implants did you choose? did you have both legs done? did you have 2 implants per leg or just the medial implants? Glad youre happy with your results, regards Missytiny READ COMMENT

Hi Faye2, Its all sounding promising for you, I'm pleased for you as it's a lot to go thru & expensive if it doesn't work. I understand when you talk about the part of your leg from under the calf muscle to ankle where it looks so stick... READ COMMENT

Hi Faye2, how are your calves looking? Hope you are feeling back to normal & happy with your results, have been thinking of you & hoping your FT takes 100%, kind regards Missytiny READ COMMENT

Hi Kirsty, could you advise me how to post my pics? Do I upload them when I reply to someone in comments? If so how? Or do I post them with my profile? Sorry for the questions, I'm sure it's simple, regards Missytiny READ COMMENT

Hi Kittyfranco, Im not sure why you sent me this comment? I already do have calf implants 17 years ago. I have a huge difference in the shape of my legs & for the most part am happy with the results. The scars have faded & are barely... READ COMMENT