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20 Y/o, Overbite, Crooked Front Teeth and Overcrowded Bottom Teeth - Gatineau, QC

I just got my first set of trays in with the attachments yesterday. I will have 44 tray for the upper and lower teeth. I have 6 attachments on the bottom that hurt me when I try to eat or chew with my mouth closed so I eat with my mouth open and try to avoid with people around. I have two small... READ MORE

Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal (Reduction) - Full Bikini - Gatineau, QC

I kept getting cuts and ingrown hair down there from shaving and trimming and I decided no more! I started my IPL treatment in late December and have so far had six treatment $175 CDN each with taxes. We estimated I only needed one or two more to get complete hair removal. So far the results... READ MORE

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Cavity with Invisalign, what do I do?

I went to the dentist and got all cavities fixed up in April before getting my Invisalign (Early June), now I am noticing a dark spot on my right lower last molar. I can even... READ MORE

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Same color as your teeth. I have a picture you can see them a bit but they don't show unless someone is inches of my mouth. READ COMMENT

It is totally normal! It's because your teeth are starting to move in the desired position! So it's working :) READ COMMENT

I am currently getting my full bikini area done and at first the pain was nothing. As the treatment progress they increase the intensity so the pain goes up a bit. I have not yet asked her to take breaks during a session but the inner... READ COMMENT

My tooth also hurts when I brush my teeth or pass my tongue over it :( READ COMMENT