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Laser Assisted Liposuction - Just a Fad?

In a recent Orange County Register article about the layoffs at Cynosure, the chairman of the UCI Department of Dermatology predicted tough times ahead for laser liposuction,... READ MORE

Is Sheyla Hershey, Biggest Breast Implants in the World, in Danger?

Model Sheyla Hershey's latest breast implant surgery took her to the extremely large size 38KKK. Because safety standards actually exist in the US and no doctor would do... READ MORE

Why Go to a Dentist for Teeth Whitening?

An organization called the CCTW (Council for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening) argues that self-administered teeth whitening is safe.  We would like your opinion on the CCTW... READ MORE

Will You Use Artefill when Suneva Returns It to the Market?

Noted that Suneva is the new company that plans to bring Artefill back to the market. Do you know their plans for distribution? Would you use it again (or for the first time)? READ MORE

Does the Acculift Replace the Need for Fillers?

We're working on a blog post about a new laser treatment called Acculift (as described in this article). Can you offer us feedback on: Is the Acculift a breakthrough... READ MORE

Non-surgical Laser That Will Literally Melt Fat (Inches) in 2 Weeks?

On twitter Zerona is marketing their laser device by saying "If you need to lose inches fast, try Zerona! It is a non-surgical laser that will literally melt fat (inches)... READ MORE

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Regret getting breast implants

Have you gotten breast implants and later regretted getting them? did you get them removed or just accept them as your "new you"? READ MORE

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Is it common to get the Latisse in your eyes? If so, have you seen the side effect of color change of your eyes? READ COMMENT