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43yo MM - BA/TT/UH/DR/Lipo - 2014 Summer for CHANGE!! - Los Angeles, CA

School year is over, kids are in summer school, and I'm cleaning the house and prepping for a mm 8/4/14... send advice, tips, supply lists, expectations, b&a photos... Interviewed 3 doctors, friends with experience, and read a lot of online material. Feeling very anxious, excited, nervous, and... READ MORE

44yo First-time "Free" Botox - Pasadena, CA

I'm an RS vet migrating over from the MM site - no prep here other than reading some scary "not worth it" botox stories. Geez, talk about making a simple procedure into a nightmare-ish decision! I've briefly read about the headaches, paralysis, facial dents, ptosis, asymmetry, cruella brows,... READ MORE

Questions from chiklet3

How long do I have to wear "support garments" after a Mommy Makeover? (photo)

I had a mommy makeover 8/4/14 - BA, TT, MR, lipo of flanks/inner thighs and I've been wearing support bras, compression garments, spanx, binders, etc, almost 24/7... taking... READ MORE

What is the ideal belly button (BB) shape? (photo)

My PS gave me a marble at my 1mo appt because my BB looked like it was scabbing over (it's gone through many changes). How long do I have to "wear" it? Do I really want a round... READ MORE

What are these brown marks on my mid-section post TT and how can I get rid of them faster? (Photo)

I've had these brown marks on my mid-section post-TT (8/4/14). I'm thinking they were caused by the very tight constricting CG and the tubing from the OnQ pain pump catheters... READ MORE

What is this hyperpigmentation rash? (photos)

I had a BA/TT on 8/4/14 but developed hyperpigmented marks around the tummy tuck area. For the past month I've been using 7% hydroquinone lotion for the brown marks and the... READ MORE

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Good luck to you! Don't stress, you'll be fine... enjoy these next couple days. Drink TONS of water, especially the night before surgery, and just get all your stuff ready to go. Deep breaths. :) READ COMMENT

Yay! You're ALIVE!! :D Congrats to coming out on the other side... Rest a couple days but try to wiggle around, and yes, the numb butt really does suck and doesn't go away 'til you start moving around more. Try sitting on ice packs. :) READ COMMENT

Good luck with your surgery!! How exciting for you! I'm an old vet now but I can still remember the anticipation. Just a note - they may have you take out any pins in your hair (if you use any) before surgery. I had bobby pins in my... READ COMMENT

I've been on a cleanse - eating healthier, smaller meals, less junk, less iced coffees, more water since summer started... Working on my tan and am getting to near-Hawaiian shade with 3 different bikini tan lines! lol... Ah, the... READ COMMENT

Arnica and Bromelain. I preferred the Arnica "pellets" - tiny white powdery tablets on amazon. Good for aches and pains and they taste good too. Arnica gel was good for rubbing into the bruising - feels cool and minty. Not sure if... READ COMMENT