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There is no any difference in the skin care for both men and women, if you will go with a gentle life style, you can also have a very good skin. Eating and healthy life style matters a lot while dealing with problems like aging and... READ COMMENT

Skin cellulite is nothing more than normal fat beneath the skin. Stop eating oily and processed foods. Change your lifestyle if you are following any Sedentary lifestyle. Diet plays an important role in our health and growth thus,... READ COMMENT

Do not worry too much about the problem, but I do like to know if you are following any Sedentary lifestyle. If not you can use the below mentioned way to reduce your dark circles. • Diet plays an important role in eliminating under... READ COMMENT

Minoxidil Hair Growth Solution oil’s a good choice. Unlike olive oil or virgin coconut oil, it’s lightweight and non-greasy! But it helps make scalp and hair healthy (when your hair and scalp are both healthy, you won’t have to... READ COMMENT

I’m always interested in watching/reading blogger’s skincare routine since there’s so many products and skin tones! I have sensitive-combo skin and I found it very hard to ‘plan’ (if you will!) a skincare routine. So far,... READ COMMENT