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How NOT to have a successful BBL

I'm aware my first photo might not be an accurate side by side comparisonas I'm in different positions but I think the two pictures togetherexemplify the startling change you can look forward to with this procedure.From a loathsome self-image, heavy and hidden, into someone who's assetsare sexy... READ MORE

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Does losing weight the first few weeks post-BBL affect the amount of fat injected surviving?

I had BBL 3 months ago, happy with my results, and am now researching having Round 2 further down the line. Although I followed all post-op care rules, I didn't maintain my... READ MORE

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I have some advice for you, but before I get to that, I just want to thank you for letting me know you are a guy. That was my whole agenda, I wanted to share my journey and if just ONE other guy could come across my writing and be a... READ COMMENT

Sorry to reply so late in the game, but if my two cents is still any use... We do not have the LUXURY of saying "I don't want it too big". 'Too big' just doesn't happen after one round. Even with Salama or Jimerson or some incredible... READ COMMENT

So here I am again, working two jobs, and on the poverty line. I just want YOU to know, sweet inspiration, how incredible and (yes) life-changing your writing has been. There's some great info on RealSelf, but what you have shared isn't... READ COMMENT

I would have paid over double of what I paid if I had gone to Salama or Jimerson, so instead I allowed myself to be attracted to this cheaper option, this rare clinic in Spain, which had a flashy website all about BBL with great results... READ COMMENT

"I don't think you look bad" wasn't what I worked two jobs for one year to achieve. Your Round 1 is so important, it's virgin unscarred fat, and if you waste that on a bad surgeon, it's a tragedy. People seem to be getting confused... READ COMMENT