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That is great to hear!! Please don't do too much, I think that has been my problem and the cause of the swelling not decreasing as fast as expected for me. READ COMMENT

To be honest, Im six weeks out and I'm now beginning to feel like myself, I did have a small setback, I had to have my incision opened in 2 areas to allow drainage that the JP drains were not able to drain. Had my 6 week f/u appt... READ COMMENT

I think we all go thru the same emotions, I did all the way up until an hour before surgery. My mom didnt ask the question, but I ran down a list in my head, where is the life insurance policy , who will take care of my children, how... READ COMMENT

Panniculectomy is the removal of excess skin and the pannus which is the fatty tissue that looks like an apron and hangs over your genital area. I had 3 csections and no amount of exercise helped me loose this troubled area. I try to... READ COMMENT

Good Luck! I'm 3 weeks post-op - lipo of abdomen, flanks, back as well as a panniculectomy. Although still quite swollen I can see my new waist line and like you I look forward to wearing some low rise jeans. I'm very pleased with my... READ COMMENT