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What can I do to improve my flaring nostrils and upside down arrow look when I smile? Will Alar Base Surgery help? (photo)

I really don't like my nose. I haven't for many years. I like that it has a straight bridge, but I don't like how my nostrils flare and how my nose kind of looks like an upside... READ MORE

How much more would a high tension abdominoplasty cost over a panniculectomy ?

My provincial insurance would cover a panniculectomy after massive weight loss but not an abdominoplasty. I am wondering if a surgeon would allow a person to upgrade to a... READ MORE

If a person needs a hernia repair & panniculectomy (both covered by insurance), will an abdominoplasty take care of both things?

Sorry that I do not exactly know what a surgeon does in an abdominoplasty... If a hernia operation (due to formerly being very overweight) can be done at the same time as a... READ MORE

Is it common to need a neck and/or face lift after a 200 lb weight loss?

I'm just wondering of any surgeons have had clients who needed full body lifts, also needing face lifts and neck lifts at around age 40. Or does the skin on the face normally... READ MORE