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Can leaking silicone breast implants (especially old implants) cause fibromyalgia ?

If a silicone breast implant leaks, will it spread through the body or stay in the breast area ? READ MORE

Is it best to get a breast lift after the implants have been taken out?

I am wanting my breast implants removed & also to have a breast lift (maybe). Implants are 25 years old & they are still soft (always have been), just have sagged a bit after... READ MORE

I'm wanting to get my breast implants taken out. Would they be taken out through the same scar?

I am wanting to get my breast implants taken out. They have been put in through the bottom part of the areola. Would they be taken out through the same scar ? And for a breast... READ MORE

What are the complications of having a Breast Lift at the same time as an explant? (photo)

I have had breast implants for 24 years & are wanting them out (I am now 45). I would like a minor lift as well. My breasts have always been quite soft & supple (never hard) &... READ MORE

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I am wanting to explant to, after 25 years of having implants. I look forward to hearing more of your story & how your surgery goes. Good luck and thanks for sharing. Good on you! READ COMMENT

Cant wait to hear more of your story. :) x READ COMMENT

Just read your latest comments of your story & recovery. Thanks for sharing. It has been inspiring reading your posts. Great to hear you are recovering well and you look great in your sports bra! READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing your story, very inspiring. You look great after the explant! I want to explant also, just wish I had the money to do it now! How sore did you feel after the op ? READ COMMENT