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Hope you continue to post how the healing progresses and what you're needing to do to follow instructions. Do you have a photos? Would love to see... because I'm almost the same age. I imagine it's different than what 40somethings... READ COMMENT

I was thinking about going to him... I'm about your age and need the same thing. To be honest I don't think you looked bad in the before pictures. You have one make up in the after picture so it's kind of hard to compare. Do you think... READ COMMENT

I saw Dr. C end of last week. He won't do my eyelids without doing the forehead.... He wants to make an incision completely across my forehead just at the hair line. Read too many horror stories about this... going get other... READ COMMENT

P.S. My daughter just out of college started working for a local plastic surgeon... oh, the stories. Really has made me aware of just all the problems that can and do occur and how that's never spoken of. READ COMMENT

The thing about the brow lift is that there is really no great way to do it, unlike the upper lids. There's either a huge incision along hair line or they use endotynes... .which have their own set of problems... 10% of them get... READ COMMENT