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Right breast left with dent in the middle has a little fat below, what caused this split in breast?

The right breast with issues, itches and has pain of and on like scar tissue trying to form , I just try to massage it. Doc. has given inconsistent answers. READ MORE

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Hey rairai, just read your story. my right breast did the same thing. it's been a year next month since my explant. It fluffed a little, but I still have indention and some pain I feel is scar tissue. I to have chemical sensitivity... READ COMMENT

Msprincess, I had my implants 23 yrs ago after a tumor removal, but there had been some tention between my husband and I, he new someone's wife who had hers done. I had had 2 children and nursed both. so I went for it, to make me feel... READ COMMENT

My body would swell, by evening my clothes would be cutting into me, that's been the biggest change. My P.H balance is better. I think because the implants kept a yeast inbalance going. I hope all goes well for you! READ COMMENT

Ah! I remember the days! they could put them in football helmets to protect there skulls and they'd have a boob on there head every ones happy! READ COMMENT

Yet they still wont listen to us! crazy world, greedy world! much healing for you. READ COMMENT