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Labiaplasty Trim Meth Abroad Bangkok - Thailand, TH

I haven't been happy with the length of Labia Minora for about 5 years, I have guys comment on it and getting Brazilian waxes and wearing a bikini is always nerve wracking so I started to do research and the surgery seems like it is becoming more common so I thought why live with this and began... READ MORE

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Because it was uncomfortable and embarrassing having large labia, no offence but it's comments like this that made my only feel like I could trust one person to tell about the surgery, which was my mum trust me I wouldn't have gone... READ COMMENT

I'm actually not in any pain whatsoever I think I have just been overly careful as I have read so many stories about stitches coming out early and now I'm getting impatient with then dissolving, my surgeon did tell it would be 4 weeks... READ COMMENT

Your healing so well, on day 9 I was still mega swollen and barely able to sit down, are you stitchs starting to come out? I'm 2 weeks post surgery and my stitchs arnt showing any signs of moving! READ COMMENT

I so know what you mean about waddling though the airport, I had to do a 12 hour flight from Thailand to New Zealand 5 days after surgury I got so many weird looks walking through the airport and on the plane as I was so swollen I could... READ COMMENT

That's good your starting to feel more comfortable sitting I think I am starting to feel abit more relaxed about sitting and walking I'm so paranoid about pulling or hurting the stitchs I'm been overly careful lol My surgeon is all the... READ COMMENT