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It's been over a year now and I'm wondering how you are doing? Did you get rid of the blood clot problem and how did everything heal up? How did your PS treat you after the blood clot?Hoping you are doing well and not regretting your... READ COMMENT

Hey, how's it going. I forgot to ask you, did you go home with a binder on or just wrapped? I also forgot to ask you when you got your staples out and if you can see where the staples were?I hope you are continuing to heal and we are... READ COMMENT

I hope today is much better for you all around. It sounds like you have the best help with you and now it is just a waiting game to get through the hardest part.Thanks for keeping all of us out here updated.Happy Labor day. READ COMMENT

So how long was your surgery? You sound like you are doing really great.I am your age and want all of the above done also but maybe adding some implants as I am ver deflated with my sagginess.I have been afraid to do it all at once... READ COMMENT

Hope this day is marvelous for you! READ COMMENT