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Heeeyyyyy girl!!! I was just thinking abt you the other day!!! I'm so glad your doing better and you look great! And you would prolly look perfect if you got the fat grafting done!!!! READ COMMENT

He goes under the muscle right? READ COMMENT

@Swayzee93 I'm not going 2 Hasan I'm going 2 Salama but I love her form so at least now I know what I want!! READ COMMENT

Girl your waist to hip ratio is CRAY!!! Have u measured it yet?? I'm definitely requesting a 24" waist and more fat xfer'd 2 my hips since I have none... And that ass is POP'n baby!!!! LOVE IT!!! That gray long sleeve crop top is cute... READ COMMENT

Wow.... That's awful... But I do understand tho.... Ppl are so crazy these days girl.... We all have 2 be careful.... And RS should have a way 2 monitor activity because they actually read everything that's posted on this site... READ COMMENT