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Still Healing

After 10+ years of contemplating a nose job, I finally started looking into it this year. t's been an exhausting (and educational) process so far, but I am finally ready for my surgery! I tend to write a lot... so if you feel like reading super long amateur blogs, feel free to join me on my... READ MORE

Questions from laura_lee

Will the asymmetrical nostrils and slant ever even out? When? (photos)

Almost 2 weeks post op. My doctor is not concerned, but I am worried. It makes sense that when the swelling goes down it will be better, but the nostrils and splint/nose were... READ MORE

Asymmetrical nostrils from cast removal till now. 3 months PO, and it's getting worse. What can be done, and how soon? (Photo)

My nostrils were very symmetrical before surgery. The nostrils have been asymmetrical since I got the cast/tape off. Can this be fixed? What are my options? How long do I have... READ MORE

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Even with the research I did, the Doctor made my nose worse than it was originally. Don't feel bad or guilty... Its not your fault. I agree with you, some doctors just dont have the gift of art, and they should not be doing plastic surgery! READ COMMENT

I don't know if I am a the right person to ask because I am not happy with how my nose turned out overall. If I had to do it over again, I would probably say keep it natural (no slope) only because that is just one more detail that can... READ COMMENT

Your new nose fits your face very well! I cannot tell the tip is crooked, so it must be very slight. Thanks again for sharing your story, and for all of your help with my questions. READ COMMENT

Thanks, Zooster! It is nice to know others have had revisions and are happy with the outcome. It gives me hope!! I do think that my original doctor is capable of fixing the crooked columella and making the nostrils more symmetrical, but... READ COMMENT

Yes, it did, thanks for asking! My doctor ended up calling the hospital and fixing the mix up. That was a very stressful few weeks! I guess I can be glad I have a nose with some issues rather than a 40K bill, but still, I hope someday... READ COMMENT