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Reviews by meetingpoint

Not Worth It. Looks Unnatural - Birmingham, MI

Does not gives a smooth appearance to the face. Does gives you a good preview if you are planning to get a permanent chin or cheek augmentation. But, it's really not worth the trouble and the money. I suffered from too much radiesse. It looks unnatural. I prefer Juvi over Radiess. Would never do... READ MORE

Be Careful. Not For Dark or Olive Skin - Birmingham, MI

This is not for dark or olive skinned people. It has left me with a big scar which is tough to fade away. Now I have to cover up with a concealer. My skin used to be better before. Also, the pain that you go through after having this procedure is not worth. Would not recommend this to anyone. I... READ MORE

Questions from meetingpoint

Will Fat Come Back After Smart Lipo?

I'm considering getting a Smart Lipo done on my abdomen, muffin top and bra roll area. My question is: does the fat return after you gain weight? READ MORE

New York or Illinois Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

I had a rhinoplasty surgery three years ago and the doctor completely messed it up. I have ended up with uneven nostril size, breathing issues, nose tip pointing more to the... READ MORE

Laser Treatment or Chemical Peels for Buttocks?

I have scars, stretch marks and pigmentation on my hips. My buttocks appear very dark as compared to the color of the rest of my body. I'm so embarrased by this that I hate to... READ MORE

Prior Cholecystectomy Surgery and Tummy Tuck?

I had a Cholecystectomy 15 years ago and was wondering, will it have an adverse affect if I decide to get Tummy tuck? How it will affect me? Will the scars from the... READ MORE

Treatment for Stretch Marks, Scars, and Pigmentation on Hips and Buttocks?

My entire buttocks and hips have stretch marks, scars, and dark pimentation. This problem has been existent since my puberty days. The skin on this area appears visibly dark,... READ MORE

Good Candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm 5'2 and weigh about 120 lbs. Am I a good candidate for Brazillian Butt Lift? Also, approximately how long will the result last? Thanks in advance. READ MORE

Can Brazilian Butt Lift Be Combined with Tummy Tuck or Lipo?

Can I combine the Brazilian Butt Lift with Tummy Tuck and Liposuction? If not, which one should I get first? READ MORE

TCA Peels Before Fraxel Laser to Get Full Benefit?

I'm considering getting Fraxel on my face. At one clinic I was told that I should get a TCA peel 30% at least 20 peels each a week apart before doing Fraxel or I will not... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift for a Petite Woman?

I'm 5'3 and weigh 120 lbs. I am thinking about b.butt lift or injections. My proprtions are 35-30-37. I want to have a waist to hip ratio 25 and 40. Is it possible? Also, any... READ MORE

Mid Face Lift or Lower Face Lift with Chin Implant?

I am in early forties and I'm noticing indents on the corner of my upper mouth and lines around my mouth. I was wondering if I shall go in for mid face lift or lower face... READ MORE

Looking for an Experienced Rhinoplasty Doctor

I am looking for a good rhinoplasty surgeon have talked to 2 of them but their fees is rediculously high, around 15K. I simply can't afford that high of a fees. Can someone... READ MORE

Chin Implant or Fat Transfer?

I'm contemplating between chin implant and fat transfer to the chin. But, I'm confused between the two options, as to which one is better aesthetically and more... READ MORE

How To Get Rid Of Scars After Fraxel Laser?

I had undergone Fractionated laser treatment in April at a Plastic surgeon's office, which left a prominent scar on my forehead. The area looks patchy and pigmented. I am... READ MORE

Stomach is Lumpy After TT Revision, What Should I Do?

Hello, I had a second revision tummy tuck performed by the same Dr. Right now, I'm 6 mths post op. I am not happy with the results, though I had to endure almost the same... READ MORE

Discussions started by meetingpoint

Smart Lipo Expert in Michigan?

I'm considering getting a Smart Lipo done on my abdomen, muffin top and bra roll area. Can you recommend any good plastic surgeon in Michigan who has the expertise? Thanks. READ MORE

Recent comments from meetingpoint

The Dr. did a good job. This is how plastic surgery should be, not overdone but enhancing one's beauty in a subtle way. Some Dr's don't have a sense of proportion. Thanks for telling us the Physician's name. Will keep in mind. And,... READ COMMENT

Looks like lot of terrible plastic surgeon in the US. Makes me loose my faith on them. Don't give up ask him to refund or pay to get it fixed. READ COMMENT

Hi, I just got my eyebrows tatooed and it looks so hideous. The shapes are totally asymetrical from each other, it's way over the eyebrow line giving me a very clownish and angry bird look. Also it's very thick and dark. I'm so... READ COMMENT

Thanks Paperdoll. I too live in Detroit and had two tummy tuck with the same Dr. The second being a revision tummy tuck. I am facing the same issue, my tummy over the navel area appears bulged and when I relax my muscles it appears I am... READ COMMENT

Thanks Angiemcc. I was too quick in making a statement, sorry about that. The fact is until now I haven't heard a word back from Dr.Toruiimin office regarding my inquiry. I'm still awaiting for his nurse to get in touch with me. Not a... READ COMMENT