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Best Ever FL

I had 3 very bad BAs and the last one was the worst I ended up with lots of complications. I'm a very persistent person but I came to a point that I was in apathy about my breast and was very unhappy about them.Untill one day my husband encouraged me and I found Dr. Revis on-line, many... READ MORE

48 Years Old Going to 25 Much Needed Lip and Corner Lift - Lutherville, MD

After my face refresher I was left with a very ugly mouth my original Dr. ,Drehsen in SP FL, told me the only way to fix it was to get a lip lift, so I got the lip lift with no improvements what so ever!!! He didn't lift enough and I was devasted !!! It made me feel very self conscious .I... READ MORE

48 Years Old Two Beautiful Daughters Wanted Some Fat Transfer - Baltimore, MD

After a refresher lift and fat injections I wached terrified all go away,all I had left was the center of one cheeck, my surgeon Dr. Drehsen in SP FL recommended removing some fat from under my eyes wich I didn't like the idea but I trusted his judgment BIG mistake my eyes became deep and... READ MORE

Keeping Up with Age - Saint Petersburg, FL

I had a face lift,fat transfer,and nose job by Dr. Drehsen. I'm not very happy with my poor results and he's lacker of interest on handling my concerns, He's response was DON'T OBESSES YES right after spending almost 30.000 on my face I expected I was getting the best WRONG.Face lift was ok no... READ MORE

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Can facial with stem cells only be used for lost volume, or can it be used for rejuvenation?

Steam cells for face , is it used for people that lost volume only or it can be used just to rejuvenate ? READ MORE

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Thank you !!! Yes go for it, it makes me feel so feminine . Best of luck READ COMMENT

What I was trying to say is I HAVE NEVER seen results like he's any other place, but at the same time god what i been thru… no matter what he's ethics is unacceptable . READ COMMENT

OMG, my husband had mention but I never check it and I didn't know it was this bad.I'm glad I didn't because i wouldn't go to him. I want to clarify : I went to Dr. D for only fat injections at first but changed my mind after seeing... READ COMMENT