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Can I get an implant where I am missing a tooth without a space? Do I need braces first to open a space? (Photo)

My ortho as a kid removed a back top tooth to take a shortcut. Fast forward, I wore braces a second time 4 years ago, and the ortho said she would open the space for an implant... READ MORE

Are there faster ways to open a space for an implant with braces besides using rubber bands? (photos)

I wore braces 4 years ago and the plan was to open a space for a tooth that was extracted from my childhood orthodontist. The space was not opening, so the orthodontist said... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty after trauma? (Photo)

I was in a car accident many years ago and hit my nose really hard on the steering wheel and broke it. It was severed at the columna as well and stitched up at the ER. I was... READ MORE

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I meant as well as having my surgery too, that sounded weird... READ COMMENT

I turn 35 next year as well as my surgery;-) Your nose looks amazing! READ COMMENT

I totally understand the feeling rushed thing, that is also my biggest worry too! I know how incredibly busy he is....were you his first case the day of your surgery? I am excited to see your result! Thank you for your honest feelings... READ COMMENT

Did you even bruise your 1 week pic looks so good! Did he break your nose or just do tip work? Very nice result! READ COMMENT

I see a significant difference. You look more handsome already. Your nostrils are not as long or big and it looks very natural on your face! A++++++++ READ COMMENT