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Hello, how are u doing now? I had my tt 1.5 yrs ago and i never made it to the flat side. My stomach was similar to yours where it starts from under the breast. Its better but not flat. My bottom pouch is gone but the bump is there and... READ COMMENT

Hi Ann39, i had my tt in april. I am still dealing with incision issues. I wouldnt do the disney trip. Thats too much way too soon. You are going to slow them down anyway and might take the fun out of it. At 3 weeks i was feeling pretty... READ COMMENT

Praying for the best outcome for you. READ COMMENT

@ allie Is, he doing it in the hospital or office? I feel you it's a little scary to mind if go backwards but at the same time we had a different vision. I'm not too happy with my end results either. I go for my 3 month follow up Friday. READ COMMENT

I'm 8 wks po. I did have those same back issues earlier on. My lower back would go numb after a while. Its almost normal as if 2 weeks ago. READ COMMENT