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Tattoo (And Hopefully Depression) Removal Begins - Bangkok, Thailand

I just went for my first laser tattoo removal treatment, and thought I should start to share my experience as i'd read a couple of others' experiences on realself and was really heartened by all the encouraging comments going around (less so by the i-told-you-so trolls). MY STORY i don't feel... READ MORE

Questions from saskamiri

After laser tattoo removal treatment, are there any supplements that can be taken to help the immune system remove pigments?

For example, i've read that beta glucans help the body produce more macrophages, and read somewhere else that macrophages at the tattoo site will help your body remove the ink.... READ MORE

Do lidocaine injections before laser tattoo removal affect the removal outcome?

I have read that lidocaine injections may increase the risk of scarring, and can also react with the ink to make it harder to remove. READ MORE

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They all look faded enough to get covered! can't wait for mine to get that way but i have colours so..SIGH! congrats you (: READ COMMENT

Hmm, not sure but i thought the Ruby laser was an older laser that results in more hyperpigmentation which is why most places switched to the newer NdYag lasers. that's just what i think i've read though.. hopefully you find out different! READ COMMENT

Thanks Sean. i think i will give lidocaine a go. haha i felt like such a masochist at my last treatment because the pain was so bad. my doctor was surprised i hung in there but inside i was thinking that she had no idea how many times i... READ COMMENT

Hey sean do you usually get lidocaine injections? i'm thinking of getting lidocaine at my next treatment cos my tatt is pretty large and the pain was almost unbearable at the last session. been holding off on lidocaine though cos i read... READ COMMENT

Haha your photos and captions are funny! nice fading too (: READ COMMENT