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Botox and Antibiotics Caused Flu-like Symptoms, Extreme Anxiety, Other Problems

I recieved 30u of cosmetic botox by cosmetic surgeon. I informed him that I was being treated for lyme disease with zithromycin and he said it was not a problem. I subsequently had a severe reaction and have had to discontinue my lyme treatment - possibly until the effects of botox are gone. ... READ MORE

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I was wondering if you were on antibiotics shortly before or at the same time as your Botox injections? I too has similar reactions but I believe it was because of the antibiotics that I had been taking at the time I received the... READ COMMENT

Hi Droopybrows, I had terrible side-effects from having 40 units injected in forehead and crows - including eye strain and droopy eyes. They eventually improved also. It was my first and last time. The movement started to come back... READ COMMENT

Hi Tried But Failed, How are you doing? I am 14 weeks out and seem to have most movement back in my forehead, but cheeks and crows feet are not all the way back yet. I finally started on Tetracycline and Biaxim for my Lyme disease... READ COMMENT

Hi Tried But Failed, I am 8 weeks out and have not gone back on antibiotics. My Lyme symptoms have been mild and tolerable - maybe botox kills Lyme spirochetes :). I have continued to have episodes of severe sinus pain and gravel... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for your responses. They are making me feel like there is hope. I followed your link and filed a formal adverse reaction complaint with the FDA. I absolutely can not believe that the antibiotic warnings are not... READ COMMENT