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I am a 20 year old Asian girl who is 5'8 and 130 lbs, can I go from an 36A cup to a DD cup? (photos)

Hello. I am a 20 year old Asian girl who is 5'8, 130 lbs, and wear a 36 A cup. How many cc's do you think I should get to achieve the look of a DD cup? I have never been... READ MORE

What are the risks of going too big on first BA? (Photo)

What are the risks in going 'too big' on first BA? Let's say, you're starting with a flat A Cup, and want to have breasts as big as Leah Francis's breasts (the girl in the... READ MORE

I have asthma. Is it safe to undergo breast augmentation?

I have asthma. Is it safe to undergo breast augmentation? Will there be any bad side effects from the anesthesia due to having asthma? Also, will there be greater chance of... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty after Breast Augmentation?

Hi, I'm planning on getting an Asian rhinoplasty in November. I just got my breast augmentation done last week. I'm aware that my PS will probably be harvesting my rib... READ MORE

My nose is big and looks flat from the front. I want it thinner out. Is it possible to only use ear and nasal cartilage? (Photo)

My nose is big and looks flat especially from the front. I want to have it thinned out a bit and make it look more 'defined' and taller, a little 'Western' looking. Is it... READ MORE

Cheek Augmentation with braces on?

I got my braces 5 months ago. Would it be possible to get a cheek implant surgery and chin implant with braces on? Or will I have to wait 3 years to get them done after my... READ MORE

1 week post op, is it safe to get Asian Rhinoplasty, Cheek and Chin Augmentation after Breast Augmentation?

Had my breast augmentation done last week. Planning on getting asian rhinoplasty, cheek and chin augmentation with implants in one surgery by September (going to a different... READ MORE

I'm Filipino - Can I achieve a nose like this with Asian Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I'm Filipino. My nose is flat and wide, and is bulbous. Can I achieve a nose like this girl in the pictures with asian rhinoplasty using only ear cartilage and septal... READ MORE

Can I fix my downturned droopy eyes? (photos)

I've always disliked my downturned eyes since I was six years old. They are droopy, and people always tell me I look sleepy or sad even when I'm not. What eye surgery can I get... READ MORE

My face is droopy, oval, and flat. Am I good candidate for Cheek & Chin Implants? (photo)

 Will I benefit from a cheek implant and chin implant? Also, when I get a cheek implant will my dimples disappear? I want to have cheekbones. Can I achieve cheekbones like... READ MORE

Plastic surgeons who are experts in doing Asian Rhinoplasty, Cheek Augmentation, Chin Implants & Eyelifts! (Photo)

I want to get Asian Rhinoplasty, Cheek & Chin Implants, Eyelid surgery that would help correct downturned droopy eyes. To save money I'd like to do all this in just one... READ MORE

Asian rhinoplasty using rib cartilage. How long would it take to heal?

I'm filipina with a flat bulbous nose. I was wondering if harvesting rib cartilage, how long will it fully heal? My PS says he needs to use rib cartilage for a significant... READ MORE

Is it safe to undergo rib cartilage rhinoplasty if you have asthma? Would it make the risk of pneumothorax higher for me?

Is it safe to harvest my rib cartilage to make my nose bridge taller even if I have asthma? I read pneumothorax is a possible risk, would it make the risk higher for me since I... READ MORE

Surgery to get almond eyes? I want my downturned sleepy eyes to look upturned.

I have downturned sleepy eyes. Is there a surgery to make them look upturned? READ MORE

Is it possible to have surgery to make downturned eyes more upturned? (Photo)

I'va always hated my downturned droopy eyes because they always make me look tired, sleepy and bored. Is there a surgery to make them more upturned or more almond-eye looking... READ MORE

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You were beautiful then, and you are even more beautiful now! Your results are amazing. Subtle, and natural looking! I'm sorry to hear about that jerk of a boyfriend, but don't let boys like that keep you down. They're not worth your... READ COMMENT

Oh my God you look beautiful!! Beautiful results!!!! I can't wait to get mine done. Btw was it hard eating, talking and brushing your teeth the first month? READ COMMENT