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I took Botox for headaches; after four sessions and being in the emergency room 3 times and seven test I figured out it was the Botox! I have not taken it since March and am back to my old self. Not everyone can take Botox! READ COMMENT

I received 2 units. I had shots on my forehead, temples, back of my head, down my neck and shoulders. READ COMMENT

I am glad for U, however; my experience was awful, it has now been four months and I feel human again. There are 25% of people who have different degrees of reactions. READ COMMENT

I thanks U for your support, we need to know we are not alone. READ COMMENT

You are right, I took four sessions before I realizes it was the Botox. My gastrointestinal Dr took six test because I thought it was my gallbladder. They found nothing wrong, finally after the terrible results after the fourth session... READ COMMENT