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Co2 Smartxide Laser - Hollywood, CA

Honestly I use to have flawless skin, full, radiant looking. And then one day my derm subscribed me retin a and ruined my face; it's been 7 years since it. I had co2 laser and there's been pros and cons. Pros skin complexion looks a bit better, bad is that it left me with laser marks. My... READ MORE

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Honestly I didn't want to jinx it or speak too highly about it til I see more progress and start seeing real improvement. But this is honestly the best I've felt about myself since having the laser done. I have a long road still but... READ COMMENT

I think it's pretty much the same thing but I only had it in my cheeks. I'm going to go back in about 3 weeks and have it done in my whole face. The doctor who did the laser damage did it complimentary because he knows he effed up. He... READ COMMENT

You're amazing healing heart so glad things are working for you. I too had prp and damn I can already see a difference in my cheek area . I have a longgg way to go but I'll admit that I can see my skin slowly getting better. My face... READ COMMENT

Healing heart how much was the fat graft? And how old are you if you don't mind me asking. Because I too lost a lotttt of fat and it caused texture issues and a whole bunch of other issues.. Til this day I break out and it becomes dark... READ COMMENT

Healing heart did you have fatloss? Because I suffered major fatloss and it's only gotten worst READ COMMENT