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Look at the photo. Anyone can see that this is something that will not get much better. Remember- photos do not lie. The photo is at five months and doesn't look right on that side one side. Being honest is the best policy. Breathing is... READ COMMENT

I just have to comment on this. Please Doctors stop blaming the bad results on the prior surgeons. When you take a patient in to do surgery you have commeted to help that persons nose look or work better then what they currently have.... READ COMMENT

Yep, I've seen a doctor do this before, say the pictures don't look right or something's wrong with the camera. Where is the doctors support here??? Maybe during their schooling they also need to take a course in manners and being... READ COMMENT

The photos look botched or not right seems to always be something a cosmetic surgeon says after a surgery doesn't turn out right. Remember you are truly messing with someone's looks here. A nose is one of the first things a person will... READ COMMENT

What does a person do when this happens? If a person paid out of their owen pocket, do they have to sue to get money back to redo their nose? READ COMMENT