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I feel so bad for you. I would have to say this is like being raped. You are pulled in taken advantage of and kicked to the curb and the doctor lost no sleep over it. It has forever changed your life for the worst with all that you go... READ COMMENT

Can you contact a Malpractice Attorney? It cost nothing to talk to them over the phone to ask about If you have a case or not. If you have before and after photos it will show the damage done. Photos don't lie. Make sure they are your... READ COMMENT

I would ask what the outcome is for you is if the surgery doesn't out again. I do know of some people that have had three surgeries from the same doctor to try to fix problems and still don't look right. The more surgeries you have the... READ COMMENT

I say that's bull crap. You shouldn't have to pay for fillers the rest of your life. Add it up that would be thousands plus no one knows for sure what the long term effects are using them. You need another surgery to fix it and your... READ COMMENT

Look at the photo. Anyone can see that this is something that will not get much better. Remember- photos do not lie. The photo is at five months and doesn't look right on that side one side. Being honest is the best policy. Breathing is... READ COMMENT