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Well, i have thot about this, and ya know, i was SO lopsided that my life was negatively affected, selfesteem, confidence, blah blah. i wish i was a bigger person back then, but i was shallow and dumb like most people in their early 20s... READ COMMENT

Lol, i read that vicodins sell on the street for 25.00 each! WTF! and get this...ya know they are mostly tylenol, so ya cant take a million of them to get high on the fake codeine in em, cos the tylenol will OD your liver very quickly,... READ COMMENT

Hey, i ate about 5000 calories a day for the first two week post explant. in two days i ate a pan of my brownies, we are talking two sticks of butter, 4 eggs and a cup of brown sugar not to mention 2 cups of chocolate chips on top of 4... READ COMMENT

( , )( , ) is now (*)(*) and from the side...{ { has turned into this: >> for me! now we all know the extent of my boredom this afternoon. breast icons. sigh. READ COMMENT