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DC/Silicone Implants Exploded in Car Wreck. Implant1989. Explantation/Lift2015. 1-1/2 Lbs Removed from Lbreast - Tucson, AZ

Total reconstruction bilateral. you can PM me for more info. my horrible journey is prob not yours. i will be happy to help you thru yours! the photo is an explantation, both implants exploded after a car wreck, and 6 months later, silicone sucked out, they cannot get it all. a breast lift with... READ MORE

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You can contact the SFDCT, just google them. the class action suit has been closed for years, but it doesnt hurt to become informed even at this late date. it is the san francisco dow corning trust. anything you want to know is right on... READ COMMENT

Just look online for the san francisco down corning trust SFDCT website. it pretty much explains anything you need to know about the deadlines. you can always hire a personal injury lawyer who will take a third or so of any money you... READ COMMENT

Obagi is my fave. i HAVE used PCA and it is fine, but obagi clear is best. READ COMMENT

Things look SO MUCH better now, it was the best thing to ever happen to me! i wouldnt have thot so at the time, of course, and the wreck did more than explode my implants. but i am recovering, and am SO happy i did not re-implant! READ COMMENT

Please read the whole posts from this woman. all the way to the bottom. i am more than willing to help with anything you may have ?s about. i had mine removed in may 2014. i have a dow corning class action. i am willing to help, i think... READ COMMENT