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I'm still BOOTYFUL after seroma , Fort Lauderdale FL.

Finally got my date, June 24 and this time I'm going to do it all. I've trying to gain 15lb for the past 15 myths after my first bbl and so far only been able to hold 10. Will keep trying till surgery day but already know it's not gonna happen so I've decided to add implants and get it over... READ MORE

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Why some doctors use drains after surgery and others don't? (photos)

I had both ( BBL and Butt implants)with BBL , no drains but with the implants I had 3. The 1 on the front was bc of the Lipo and the two on the back one on top of ea implant.... READ MORE

Seroma - PS told me that if it comes back positive for infection he will treat it with antibiotics. Is it possible to treat it?

I had a seroma building up for sevem 7 days bc my PS didnt find it with needles n only after a MRI was done it was drained. I'm still waiting for bacteria couture results on... READ MORE

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It's the iodine he used to wash off the implant. The fluid has changed now and I just text him describing it bc I'm concerned with the thickness n color of it. I really like my butt and I hope I'll get to keep it after all this suffering... READ COMMENT

Pain of sciatic nerve is very common with butt implants and am ok with that bc is manageable .I'm still @ risk pending test results on fluid and not knowing is driving me insane to be honest but I still have hopes an I'm hanging in... READ COMMENT

You look fabulous omg! Congrats on a healthy recovery and amazing results! I was loving mine too so far until I got all this complications and now there r moments I feel like just getting them out and putting an end to all this. But I... READ COMMENT

It's the sciatic nerve it should feel better as u start walking and take pain meds, even non narcotics. But if it doesn't or gets worse call him for nerve pain meds... It's called Gabapentin. Ive been taking it and it helps a lot.... READ COMMENT

Sorry I didn't mean do scare you I was really down when I saw your post about the pain and it reminded me of what happened to me... It's prolly just the sciatica... Ask him for nerve pain meds it's called Gabapentin and it helps a lot.... READ COMMENT