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Time to let go of the the other half

Finally got my date, June 24 and this time I'm going to do it all. I've trying to gain 15lb for the past 15 myths after my first bbl and so far only been able to hold 10. Will keep trying till surgery day but already know it's not gonna happen so I've decided to add implants and get it over... READ MORE

Questions from Anenimity

Why some doctors use drains after surgery and others don't? (photos)

I had both ( BBL and Butt implants)with BBL , no drains but with the implants I had 3. The 1 on the front was bc of the Lipo and the two on the back one on top of ea implant.... READ MORE

Seroma - PS told me that if it comes back positive for infection he will treat it with antibiotics. Is it possible to treat it?

I had a seroma building up for sevem 7 days bc my PS didnt find it with needles n only after a MRI was done it was drained. I'm still waiting for bacteria couture results on... READ MORE

Consistent pain all over buttocks and leg after seroma drainage. Should I get any tests done?

It's been 7 days since seroma was drained through incision and this pain will not go away. I only feel some relief when laying down steady after taking meds ( Gabapentin 200... READ MORE

What are the signs of rejection for butt implants? (Photo)

I had the seroma drained 16 days ago culture negative for bacteria drain has been back in since then filling up every day. Se days fluid looks normal and some murky . I've been... READ MORE

Butt implant replacement. Am I likely to develop another seroma? (Photo)

I got the right side removed 2 weeks ago due to an infection after draining a seroma through the incision but I didn't remove both bc I really loved my results and I want to... READ MORE

I had seroma after Butt Implant. Is it common to open the incision to drain a seroma? (photos)

I had seroma after butt implants and Ik is was a risk. But Is it common to open the incision to drain a seroma? Even if under the muscle and not found without a MRI, would it... READ MORE

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I Hope things went well for u. Ik sometimes we just dont want to post anything but we u feel like just let us know how u r doing hun. READ COMMENT


Thanks Lexi I am definitely getting all at one this time. It's like every day one new thing to add on delaying the recovery. 5 days ago when I saw the 2 tiny holes along the incision and asked what to do Dr S said to apply antibiotic on... READ COMMENT

Trust me not that strong but sometimes life gives u no choice. I'm falling apart and really scared just thinking I have to go through it again one way or another. With this kind of infection the IDS said the other side is still at risk... READ COMMENT

I meant "He doesn't cover anything OUT of his practice. Removal is free but of I want to replace he charges OR fee, silicone and anesthesia. READ COMMENT