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Yes I did! I had surgery on the 14..so far I guess its about as good as it can be for me? I mean..I think the Dr did a great job as far as I can tell but I am so swollen and bruised. I'm hoping for improvement. I'm just trying to get... READ COMMENT

Thanks girl! READ COMMENT

Thanks girlie! I appreciate that. At the end if the day I'm the one who has to live with this nose and as you said, I just want to like what I see. READ COMMENT

Yeaaas! I feel u! I think you may have just given me the confidence I need. I mean really... I know a of my feelings are based on what I think other people are going to have to say. I haven't told anyone except my 2 life long friends,... READ COMMENT

I was quoted 3900. I'm so undecided about how drastic I want to go. I don't want MJ by any means but at the same time, I don't want to not do enough to get the result I want, ya know? READ COMMENT