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51 Year Old Breast Reduction I Had to Appeal and Insurance Covered All of It - Iowa City, IA

Hello I am a newbie in the room. I started my Journey to Breast Reduction in January 2014. Insurance denied my first claim and I had to appeal and it was overturned .I went from 38DDD to hopefully small 38C . I did measure around my breast with nothing on them before I was 44 and now im 39... READ MORE

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Nipple looks like it was cut incorrectly

Is it normal to have one nipple looks like it is not round and like it was cut incorrectly Like one side of it has like straight instead of being round? Here are some photos of... READ MORE

How can I relieve the tightness between my breasts one month post Breast Reduction?

I am one month out and I have a lot of tightness between both my breast and under in the center of both any idea how to relieve this full ness tight feeling I do ice and still... READ MORE

How long after a Breast Reduction is it recommended to get a mammogram?

Just wandering how long after a reduction do you need to get a mammogram. Im thinking it was bad when I had larger breast what happens to my nice beautiful perkys Bs sure not... READ MORE

Is it normal to have deep puckers indentations in the breast?

When will my puckers deep in the breast go away I am 10 Weeks post opt I dont see them unless I bend over slightly one breast has more dents or deep puckering inside the... READ MORE

10 weeks post-op: I have a few questions about side boobs and bat wings.

I am ten weeks Post breast reduction seems like my breast hang to the side like side boobs and looks like i have batwings I did not have lipo. I still look rather boxy Is this... READ MORE

Rippling in one breast is light purple. Trying to massage to bring more blood supply to it. Will it become smooth? (Photo)

I am 10 weeks post opt breast reduction I accidently posted this on the augmentation site !!!! OOPHS I was wanting to know my breast on right side had more work to it then the... READ MORE

My insurance paid for my breast reduction now I have side boob and tanktopper fat. Will insurance cover the revision?

I am three months post breast reduction and have side underarm fat and tanktopper fat my insurance paid for medical necessity I did not have any lipo will this be covered by... READ MORE

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I have heard it is a issue for some women, Mine was done for medical necessity and right after surgery it was tight and nice but three months out as skin softened it became more noticable. I was scared to ask my surgeon and be nice at... READ COMMENT

I was informed from a personal trainer no matter how hard you try you wont lose it there that Lipo would be good at time of breast reduction , or revision to remove skin excision. Hope that helps. I think lipo is good idea to do but I... READ COMMENT

That is called tanktoppers like a tiny second boob on the inside top of the tank top I believe they do procedures for that I have a little of that not enough to worry about!!! READ COMMENT

IT will fly by I am three months post opt already!!I go in for revision on my sides to extend the inscions to get out that fat tissue and skin that softend up after surgery! READ COMMENT

Awe sorry to hear that but the payoff for it will be PRICELESS!!!!!!!! READ COMMENT